No programming required

We have seen and worked with many websites, and we know how frustrating it is to get things to be the way they should be.

The goal of abcOnline-CMS is to help you overcome that frustration, by giving you ready-made building blocks, the structure and modules to define the framework of the website.

We have used our experience to define all the elements of website creation and added them to our system so that you can define them with a click or two.

This is not done by forcing you to write scripts or your own programming - believe us; we have seen CMS that take years of programming experience to use - but by easy checkbox and dropdown list selection. abcOnline-CMS offers website creation which focus on what you want to end up with rather than how to get there.

So far we have not come upon any challenge from website creators that we were not able to solve with abcOnline-CMS.

So go ahead, give us your best shot!

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