Finding new customers
- and keeping the good ones

What is the point of having a website, unless you can use it to market yourself and your products, sell to and support your customers?

Once the website is in place, you want to make sure that people find it - and track how it was found.

We have put a lot of our expertise on web marketing into the tool - so that you do not have to. Just go with the flow!

We do not have to talk about web statistics, of course it is there. More interesting is the automatic and technical finesse we have put into making sure your site presents itself at its best to search engines as well as surfers. We add the right tags and texts automatically to make sure your site appears high on the search results - although that means you have a job to do to define your market niche.

We track how, where and by whom your site was found - and when you want to stay in touch with your customers we provide you with automatic tools like newsletters and e-mail marketing.

Can we sell you something?


Searchers prefer organic search

Online search has become so efficient that most Internet users are now impatient with anything less than great results.