Always up to date
- and in the proper style

Our guideline says that a good webpage should be up to date at all times - and with a minimum of effort.

abcOnline-CMS lets the webmaster decide who is allowed to write and publish what content. The editors and publisher then log on, see the areas that they can edit, and start writing content "right away".

We do not provide any "this lets you do all, never mind the design"-text box that can so easily ruin that perfect design that has been created for the website. Instead we guide the users through the process of entering information in the proper fields; Heading, Introtext, Content, Picture etc.

The system provides the styles and guidelines that the designer and webmaster have agreed on, and make sure that an editor with strong preferences for large fonts and shocking colors is not allowed to do so - unless it is within the design guidelines.

And where does the content go? That is not up to the editor either; the webmaster is the one that decides if product news appear on the home page or on another menu item.

All in its proper place, up to date and looking good!