E-marketing starts with your active website

E-marketing is everywhere. Any company that wants to do business by using e-mails, Newsletters, web-shops and B2B e-marketplaces must first get their own website in order.

abcOnline-CMS gives you all the professional tools you need to make the website the center of your e-marketing activities.

Not only is your website up to date, with the latest product news and activities. You can also give limited access (Intra- and Extranet) to your customers and employees, and visitors that want access to information, can be asked to register first.

Your products can be presented and marketed - and by re-using the news that has already been written you can stay in touch with your customers - or the members of your organisation - by e-mails.

...or let them register online to participate in the events found in your activities calendar?

And why not define a questionaires and let those that visit you reach you at all times, with automatic replies and re-direct to specific information based on their requests?

The alternatives are many and we are happy to show you how to use them.