Most users don not know how to write HTML-code. Therefore the run-off-the-mill CMS says: "It is as easy as using Word". And to prove it they give the user a text area field where they can even add pictures or change the font to Zapf Dingbats.


Did they ever think what that would do to your design? abcOnline-CMS doesn't work like that.


The customer wants to write a news item? Ok, we give them heading, date, ingress and content. And when they want to add a picture or a PDF document, we make sure that they are scaled to the right size and positioned correctly. So the user does not have to know whether this looks best with 400 or 40 pixel width on your design.

That's it. That is what abcOnline-CMS does: It makes sure that everything is proper. When everyone does what they know best, designer does design, marketing does marketing and editors write - then you get good looking and properly working homepage.

And yes, of course abcOnline-CMS has all that buzzword stuff as well: Workflow, access to edit/publish, time of publication, automatic removal of content and more. It even has some fancy things that most other CMS (even the very expensive ones...) never thought of; like re-directing the user to the correct location when he wants to read the posted item.

If you do not know what that means, then  contact us and we will demonstrate it for you.

Content tools

A collection of tools when you add text and pictures.