Searchers prefer organic search

Online search has become so efficient that most Internet users are now impatient with anything less than great results.
Searchers prefer organic search

A study by eMarketer shows that users increasingly scan the first few search results.


Respondents did not abandon the hunt altogether. Instead, nearly half of search engine users who continued their search process after not finding what they wanted changed their search terms and/or search engines after reviewing just the first page of search results. More than nine out of 10 respondents did so if they did not find what they wanted in the first three pages of search results.


What does abcOnline-CMS do to help your marketing?

  • Correct outlining according to importance by automatic correct use of headlines
  • Link and URL include search engine friendly names that increase use of correct keywords
  • Automatic generation of ALT-tags for pictures and menues
  • Inclusion of Tracking codes and evaluation of search engine results that gave visitors to your site




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